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Where can I find space for a desktop in a small space?

Your apartment cannot boast of impressive size, but you can’t do without a mini-home office? We offer several compact and very practical solutions for placing a workplace in an extremely limited area.

1. Folding table

One of the simplest and most compact options for organizing a work area in any free space in a small space is to acquire a wall-mounted folding table. In just a second, such a table transforms into a mini-wall console – and takes up very little space.

If, in addition to the work surface, you need at least minimal storage, you can turn to a bureau with a folding table. Such a piece of furniture will take up a little more space but will help organize a more functional mini-office.

2. Working area in a niche

Does the apartment have a small niche? Great: it’s time to turn the lack of room configuration into an advantage – and organize a work area. A compact table, several wall shelves – and now your mini-office pleases with beauty and functionality.

By the way, you can easily add a door or curtain to the niche – and, if necessary, hide your creative mess from guests or keep important papers away from the youngest family members and pets.

3. Work area in the bedroom

Organizing a separate office in a small space is a task that is not always feasible (especially if the apartment has many other functional areas). However, you can very well place your desk in the bedroom.

Moreover, if the bedroom is designed for more than one person, make sure that the light from the table lamp and computer does not interfere with the person lying on the bed (the position of the table or special table or floor screens will help with this). 

Bonus: a mini-office in the bedroom can also serve as a dressing table if you add a mirror and take care of the appropriate lighting.

4. Mini office in the living room

You can also place a desk in the living room. If the room is small, and it already has dedicated functional areas, it is best not to visually split the space even further, but to turn to narrow tables that resemble consoles (often they are the ones that look most organic in the living room interior). 

Another option that can neatly and harmoniously fit into the interior of the living room is miniature tables with wall mounts (life hack: such a model can be replaced by an ordinary bookshelf, suitable in size, the main thing is to take care of reliable fastening). 

If the size of the living room allows you to allocate a mini-office as a separate functional area, choose the most compact furniture, organize storage vertically, and use any suitable zoning techniques.

5. Office in the utility room

If your apartment has a utility room (storage room, dressing room, or mini-laundry room), you may like to organize a mini-home office there. The main thing is to take care of sufficient artificial lighting (most often in such rooms there are no windows), as well as good ventilation.

6. Mini office on the balcony

Does your small apartment have a glazed balcony or loggia? Great, because there you can organize not just a workplace, but a real small office. The main thing is not to forget to properly insulate the room.

7. Workplace in the hallway

Why not, if the size allows? By the way, the combination of a narrow elongated console table and a bench looks extremely organic and very appropriate in the hallway.

8. Extendable table

A flexible solution thanks to which a workplace can be placed in any suitable corner of even the smallest apartment – a retractable table.

9. Folding table

As an option, you can also get a folding and unfolding table – a solution that will appeal to those who do not need a desk every day. Just think: at any necessary moment, you can instantly organize your mini-office – and neatly put it away in a closet, or dressing room, or hang it on a wall hook when you’re done.

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