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What should be a modern interior: Trends in design 2024

It seems to many that if you make repairs “according to trends”, then it will quickly lose its relevance, get bored, and again require rework. But we hasten to please you: the trends of 2024 in the interior are so practical and versatile that they will 100% migrate to 2025.

In this article, we will share 5 top interior design trends for 2023 and some tips for implementing them in your apartment.

What is the main style of the year?

Our design hearts and souls of connoisseurs of cozy cleanliness without frills have been conquered by modern “warm” minimalism.

We know that for many, the word “minimalism” already makes their eyes twitch, and a picture of empty and sterile space is drawn in their heads. No panic! Such cold, exclusively white-gray-black minimalism is long gone with the pandemic. No more detachment and loneliness in empty impersonal walls.

Modern minimalism is about a combination of homely warmth, security, interesting and at the same time restrained shapes, soft colors, and natural materials.

Soft minimalism

When choosing materials for decoration, the focus here is on environmental friendliness – another trend of 2024 that came to us from 2023. In the wish list of “warm” minimalism, you will find:

  • tree;
  • concrete;
  • metal;
  • stone;
  • marble;
  • their modern alternatives that imitate the natural surface and have a natural composition.

We will also please those who like to mix styles with each other or embed their strokes into one. Modern minimalism welcomes congenial styles (Scandi, Japandi, loft) and encourages when a special zest to be added to its “realm of order and comfort”. It can be either a bright accent in the form of textiles, unusual furniture, or interesting decor with nostalgic notes.

What about colors and shades

Despite the predominance of minimalism, bright options can also be found in shades. Leading positions were taken by:

Viva Magenta is a raspberry-toned red from Pantone that contains cold and warm colors and symbolizes optimism, joy, and fearlessness.

Tip: We recommend using this color in decor and textiles so that in 2025 it can be easily replaced with new trendy options.

Viva Magenta in decor and textiles

Viva Magenta is joined by “ digital lavender ”, a complex shade of lilac. It is associated with sincerity, serene calm, and taking care of yourself and your health.

Lavender is still on trend.

Green shades. The list includes olive, sage, warm variations of green, and malachite. Green will add more calmness to the interior and emphasize the connection with nature from the first paragraph of the article. You can use this color in furniture, decoration, and decorative items. The easiest option is to introduce green with the help of plants.

Tip: green goes well with copper and brass accessories, fittings and switches.

Green shades emphasize the connection with nature

Separately, we will take out Verdigris – a shade between green and blue. It conveys nostalgic warmth and is used as an updated turquoise in bedrooms and family living rooms.

Earthy organic shades. Terracotta, cognac, taupe, and dark chocolate remind us of the connection between man and the earth and seem to lead to a more balanced lifestyle. Among the favorite flowers is the Sundial, or “sundial” (warm ocher yellow).

Earthy tones balance the minimalist interior

Calm blue. This shade is also called “quiet blue”, as it is reminiscent of the elements of air, and water and personifies the calmness that each of us needs so much in moments of finding balance. “Calm blue” can be used both as an accent and in a softer tone.

Also in 2023, you can safely introduce wallpaper and tiles with interesting patterns into wall decoration. The right print can visually expand the room and emphasize individuality.

Patterns can be implemented in decoration and decor

Tip: if you don’t have a soul for patterned wallpaper (and you want to introduce a trend), then take a closer look at striped, floral and geometric textiles.

The basic shades are white, milky, beige, gray, and their variations.

Furniture Design Rules

The very first is soft, rounded shapes that smoothly echo each other. Even the legs of furniture in 2024 should be round or curved, and the square should be soft: no sharp edges and angular design.

Such a love for everything round is explained by simple psychology. Soft shapes create a more comfortable environment. The fewer sharp corners, the more security the interior inspires.

A new reading of the geometry of the interior affects its aesthetic qualities. Look how stylish the decor is getting!

Rounded shapes add comfort – psychological and aesthetic

The second rule is modularity. It will especially appeal to those who like to rearrange, but are afraid to upset the balance or put something “not according to Feng Shui”. Modular furniture resembles a kind of constructor of several elements, combined in style, color, and shape. They can be easily interchanged without disturbing the idyll, and at the same time save space.

The third rule is versatility. This trend is a real salvation for studios and small one-room apartments in which you need to fit all the necessary furniture. So, transforming furniture and decorative items with hidden functionality is popular: wooden panels with hidden hooks for clothes, a shelf-table, a sofa-wardrobe-bed, a wardrobe with a workplace, and more. If you make such things to order, they will fit into any modern style.

Modular and transforming furniture saves space and makes the interior multifunctional

Wicker furniture made of light rattan and bamboo, which seemed to have been taken from a flowering garden, also won great love. It helps to create an atmosphere of relaxation at home, add more comfort and warmth to the rooms, and emphasizes the environmental friendliness of the design. Such furniture serves its owners for decades and does not require complex maintenance.

Wicker furniture will help create an atmosphere of relaxation

“Hello” from the past: mixing eras

Turning to traditions in the interior is a nostalgic moment that allows you to literally breathe a piece of soul into our world. Therefore, do not be surprised if you notice retro accessories, vintage furniture, or floor lamps from childhood in the photographs of a modern interior. This is not about chance and not about “they forgot to throw out grandmother’s chest of drawers”, but about a mixture of eras.

One of our favorite design times is the 70s. Bright posters on the walls, unusual textures, a variety of decor, earthy shades, bold prints, a combination of different forms in furniture, marble, wood, layering, and wicker furniture from the point above – in the design of the 70s era there is an idea that will suit any space.

The return of the 70s to the interiors of apartments

Thanks to this trend, macrame, floor cushions (which in a modern context are suitable for meditation or yoga), massive and fleecy accessories are returning to fashion.

The main thing is not to overdo it.

Return to nature and biophilic design

The resident of the metropolis is so tired of the chaos and impulsiveness of the modern world that he acutely feels a lack of connection with natural principles. With the help of natural materials, muted natural shades, and textiles in the design of 2023, we can restore this connection right at home.

The biggest love of this trend is imperfect natural textures (wood with knots and cracks, marble, and stone with natural chips, clay with roughness), plants, and quality things aimed at long and repeated use. You can think about including wooden products, leather, stone, cotton, linen, and jute in the interior.

Items made from natural materials of natural shapes and textures bring us closer to nature

Live plants can be placed both on simple shelves, hanging baskets, and in a separate “green” corner. Multi-tiered and the creation of different levels of height imitates the diversity of the natural landscape.

Tip: look for handmade items from fairs or design shows. Usually they are created “with soul” and serve for many years, reducing the cycle “bought – did not have time to enjoy the thing because of its breakdown – threw it away – bought a new one.”

Personally, we can’t single out the most favorite trend, because each one harmoniously fits into a modern interior.

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