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What is women’s interior like today? We asked the designers

We asked designers and architects who have experience working with interiors for clients to speculate on what kind of interiors women prefer today.

Despite the fact that gender stereotypes in the interior have already disappeared (that is, “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” is a little relevant technique), we still sometimes highlight such a concept as a “feminine” interior. What do women prefer in the interior? We asked designers to share their experiences. The opinions turned out to be quite different, however, like all women, individuality comes first.

Anastasia Frolova: “Women still want a cozy interior in soft colors with a lot of decor and accessories”

“Our studio more often receives orders for apartments for women than for men. We analyzed the wishes of customers over the past three years and expected to see a trend toward brutality, minimalism, and ascetic interiors.

You will be surprised, but no, the modern woman still wants to see her interior in light, pastel shades. It is important for her to have a large dressing room and, of course, a table for makeup. And under no circumstances should you leave the walls without decoration. Many people are willing to sacrifice kitchen space.”

Natalia Tsvetkova: “Women increasingly want eclecticism, originality, and some freedom of choice”

“I didn’t look at what others were writing on this topic; my experience on projects where the clients were women was enough.

Modern women value time, and, even if they have an au pair, they prefer interior elements that are easier to clean. Hence the preference for closed storage systems over open shelves and racks, and the rejection of “curly” decorative elements (stucco molding, carved door frames, balusters on each step, lush curtains). 

However, the owner of an apartment or cottage will want to diversify minimalism in its pure form with textiles, decor, and accessories – so as to give coziness and emphasize individuality in the space.

Same with the loft. A fan of an urban loft will agree to concrete-look walls, but the chosen coating will not be rough, but smooth, pleasant to the touch. In contrast to the brutal elements of the loft, a woman will have elements of wood in a “warm” shade of color – in the finishing of the floor, and furniture, as well as a cozy sofa with pillows and “plush” textiles.

For a woman, it is often important to have a comfortable kitchen, spacious in terms of storage systems, with a sufficient work surface, thought out to the smallest detail in terms of functionality. Many women prefer a healthy lifestyle, so appliances increasingly include, in addition to the hob and oven, a steamer and a wok.

Natalya Anishchenko: “Of course, all women are different. But everyone strives to reflect themselves, their image in their interior.”

“Of course, all women are very different. Some people like calm, classic interiors, some like bold solutions, some like minimalism, and some like eclecticism. But all women have one thing in common – the desire to reflect themselves, and their image in their interior. 

Women tend to create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in the house rather than impress guests with pretentious furnishings that are not typical of the home. They often choose warm textured materials: wood, textiles, and rattan. It is rare to meet a woman who wants to introduce “ragged” stone or a rust effect into her interior. 

As for the purely practical side: women usually want to see separate utility rooms in their apartment, where they can quietly do household chores. They will be happy to move the washing machine there from the bathroom. Ironing equipment, stepladders, and cleaning equipment will also move there. 

Women pay special attention to lighting: a variety of light scenarios, dimmable light sources, and the location of lighting near mirrors (it is advisable to make it double on the sides, and not single at the top), since it is women who usually know about the effect of a dressing room mirror. 

In general, the most important thing for women is to create a cozy environment in which both family and guests will feel calm. But at the same time, they, of course, are not at all averse to their apartment being on the cover of an interior magazine.”

Evgenia Pestova: “In the modern world there is no clear division: light pink is feminine, dark brutal is masculine”

“Women’s interiors are different now! And it’s so wonderful. In the modern world, there is no clear division: light pink is feminine, dark and brutal is masculine!  

In my practice, more and more often, customers experiment with color, texture, and shape. One interior is filled with romance and grace, while the other is filled with explosive character. But women’s interiors always have one thing in common – atmosphere. At the same time, there must be calmness, tranquility, and love in it.

And as Marilyn Monroe said: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” And we, designers, help our customers with this.”

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