You should avoid these 5 entryway colors in 2023 – according to top designers

Entryway Colors To Avoid In 2023 These are the colors to never paint an entryway in the year ahead, according to designers.

1. Gray

2. Bright White

White will always have its place in the home; after all, this tone is timeless. However, the question of using stark, bright white in an entryway is a look that is slightly less likely to endure.

3. Black

Much like the previous colors, it can be hard to believe that black will not endure as a paint color. However, while decorating with black may have its place in other rooms, designer Mike Semegan warns that black is better left away from the entryway.

4. Red

Some red room ideas will always make a welcome statement, but Mike warns that, often, this color may be too bold for an entryway – and is therefore at risk of falling out of fashion. 'Red is a power color. And with that being said, no one wants to see [such a] shocking color upon walking into a home,' he adds.

5. Blue

In all its versatility, blue is a great option for many areas of your home, including the bedroom, where it is known to help you sleep better. When it comes to your entryway, though, designer and realtor Chenise Bhimull urges you to rethink.

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