Wreath ribbon ideas – 10 beautifully embellished designs

1. Choose A Color That Complements The Wreath

If you're planning on making your own fresh wreath then simplicity is key when it comes to wreath ribbons says Thomas Broom-Hughes, director of horticulture at Petersham Nurseries. 'Choose a plain ribbon that complements the tints and tones of the foliage, berries, and seed heads. Avoid using textured or patterned ribbon, as this can detract from the beauty of the seasonal foliage.'

2. Go For Something Subtle

Florist Philippa Craddock agrees that with fresh wreaths the foliage should be the star of the show. For this stunning natural wreath handmade from seasonal foliage, she chose a delicate champagne-colored silky ribbon that brings glamor and elegance without overpowering the show-stopping array of sculptural sprigs.

3. Go Classic With Red

For a traditional festive welcome on your door, you can't go wrong with a beautiful wreath of foliage and red winter berries topped with a red wreath ribbon. For a smart, formal look place a neat, short bow at the top of the wreath – velvet brings luxury and if you want the bow to stay in place consider a wired ribbon.

4. Spice It Up

If you love color why not trade in a traditional red and green Christmas wreath for a bolder palette? Perfect for giving visitors a joyful welcome on a grey day, this simple wreath of bay and eucalyptus has been elevated with dried flowers and shiny baubles in winter spice tones and is finished with a stunning orange velvet ribbon to match. Stylist Selina lake chose to keep the ribbon long, tying it asymmetrically for a relaxed, bohemian feel.

5. Keep It Natural

When it comes to wreath ribbons florist Claire Bowen, founder of the floral studio Honeysuckle and Hilda likes to take a sustainable approach and chooses ribbons colored with plant-based dyes.

6. Think About Complementary Color Combinations

If you're planning to hang a wreath on a painted door try using a ribbon in a contrasting color to make it really pop. We love this combination of dark purple and lime green. Many handmade wreaths can be deceptively heavy, so when using ribbon to hang a wreath make sure it can support the weight and consider doubling up the ribbon if the wreath is particularly heavy.

7. Celebrate Texture

Choosing a ribbon that contrasts with your wreath can make a lovely playful touch. Created from beautiful teasels, this fabulous wreath doubles as a piece of wall art bringing beautiful rustic texture to the room, while the delicate silky satin ribbon plays on the textural theme.

8. Go Two-Tone

Can't decide on just one ribbon color? Try two! The great thing about fabric ribbons is that they can be re-used so it's worth keeping a selection on hand to play around with to get the perfect color combination.

9. Complement Your Home Decor

If you're planning to hang a wreath indoors then adding a colored ribbon is a wonderful way to coordinate your wreath with your home decor. Look to accent colors used throughout the room for inspiration or the colors in an artwork. If it's a perpetual wreath, such as a beautiful dried flower wreath, then changing the color of the ribbon from time to time can be a lovely way to reflect the changing seasons – try pastels for spring decor ideas and rich oranges or plum tones for fall decor ideas.

10. Wrap Ribbon Around Your Door

For those that love getting in the festive spirit why not go one step further than using a ribbon on your wreath by wrapping one around your door as an outdoor Christmas decor idea? Guaranteed to add the most curb appeal, this front door trend has been growing on Instagram in recent years, with some even going as far as wrapping the whole house like one giant gift. We can't wait to see what fun ideas people come up with this year.

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