Wotan Oak: How to use and combine in the interior

It is liked by lovers of cozy, homely interiors, and fans of a brutal character in space. What is the secret of the popularity of the color of oak wotan? And how to successfully introduce it into the interior?

Characteristics and features

What is a wotan oak? This is a decorative material of a certain color and texture, which is used for facing furniture, and doors. Usually, this decor is used for products made of chipboard and MDF. The coating is more often made in the form of plastic. The basis of the decor is paper with a certain pattern. It is treated with special compounds, including protective ones, then under the press, they are applied to a panel of chipboard or MDF. There is also laminate in this color.

What furniture and for which rooms are lined with this material Oak wotan in the interior can be seen in the form of the decor of the facades of cabinets, shelves, pedestals, facing countertops, and much more.

In the living room

In the bedroom Such a decorative coating for furniture is chosen by those who want to add natural motifs to the interior. In this color, the frame and headboard of the bed, bedside tables, and wardrobes can be made.

Hallway and corridor In the hallway, the decor is used in the facades of cabinets, they also choose pedestals, shelves, and shoe boxes in this color. You can decorate an open area for hooks and hangers.

Kitchen It is here that this decorative coating is most often found. A popular choice is a countertop in the working area of the kitchen set and the side facades of the cabinets.

Bathroom In the bathroom, the decor is most often found in the decoration of the countertop or cabinet under the sink.

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