How to decorate tastefully for fall – designers offer their top tips for a sophisticated look

1. Style Sustainably

Fall craft ideas are a wonderful homeade touch that can create a feeling of luxury when executed well. Handmade items add a bespoke look to a home and offer new and unique ways of reusing items or using natural materials found in your yard such as fall wreath ideas for tablescaping.

2. Consider Color Choices

Using fall color schemes throughout a home is the easiest way to tastefully channel fall in a room without overtly plastering pumpkin motifs and falling leaves across your decor pieces. If you do not fancy redoing your room color ideas, consider adding these shades through soft furnishings, curtain ideas, living room rug ideas, or even glass- and dinnerware or tablescaping.

3. Create Cozy Corners

Cozy corner ideas are a favorite for the fall season. These smaller sections of our homes can be used to tastefully incorporate concentrated amounts of fall flavor without the theme overwhelming whole homes. While in summer we find ourselves sitting outdoors more often, with our yards taking the brunt of socializing and hosting, in the cooler months we often need to find space indoors for sit-down chats and relaxed nights.

4. Add A Special Touch Through Lighting

Although it might not be easy to change all of your lighting ideas each season, swapping out your lampshades will rejuvenate your space for the festive season to avoid using traditional fall decor. What's more, these festive shades will help to introduce fall colors.

5. Add A Call To Nature With Natural Materials And Textures

Using texture in interior design is a simple way to overhaul your home for the different seasons, with jute and light linens evoking cool summer schemes with heavier, more luxurious textures such as wool and velvet speaking to fall and winter. 'Heavy, textured materials bring a certain coziness to a space without being too overt. The result is a lovely autumnal feel,' Louise Wicksteed agrees.

6. Appeal To Guests With Thoughtful Fall Touches

Creating a tasteful fall home is not just about how you decorate, according to Jay Jeffers. 'Add touches of hospitality,' he suggests. 'Beyond design, add fun moments of surprise and delight throughout your home when hosting visitors to add a cozy, inviting feel to your home. This can include treating your guests to a basket of home-baked goodies each morning for breakfast and providing a guest book for your guests to sign, date, and write down their favorite memory at the end of their stay.'

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