White Bedroom Design: Detailed and Practical Guide

How to choose the right style, what to pay special attention to, what are the pros and cons of white bedrooms and how relevant such a solution is – simple answers to the main questions.

Interior in white tones: pros and cons The choice of light halftones for the design of the sleeping area – like the choice of any other color scheme – has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages 1. Increase space. The design of the bedroom in white tones visually makes it more spacious. To enhance the effect will help mirror and glossy surfaces. 2. Multiplication of light. White reflects natural and artificial light – and the room seems much more spacious. 3. Neutrality. Color is not able to cause rejection, it belongs to a neutral palette. 4. Airy mood. Lightness, airy atmosphere are basic associations with color. 5. Stylistic versatility. The color looks harmonious in almost any chosen style. 6. High compatibility with other colors. Pure white is combined with absolutely all other colors and shades. Moreover: in the interior, it is a connecting element that can “reconcile” even the most incongruous tones.

7. Readiness for change. The situation in such halftones can easily change: sometimes literally one or two details are enough to seriously change the mood of the design of a white bedroom (take a look at the photo below). 8. Ease of selection of elements of the situation. Modern manufacturers offer a huge number of different furniture, décor, appliances, textiles, accessories in pure white and its variations: this is one of the most popular colors.

9. Easy to use. The advantage, partially stemming from the previous one: to decorate a clean white bedroom with your own hands is not so difficult. First, the complexity of the selection of the shade (inherent in interiors in other semitones) is leveled as much as possible; secondly, there is a wide choice of furniture and accessories. 10. No reference to the area. A tiny room in snow-white tones will look no less harmonious than a large one. 11. Timeless Relevance. The interiors of white bedrooms are a kind of classic that will never go out of fashion

Disadvantages 1. Inappropriateness in individual styles. Fans of Gothic interiors are unlikely to fit this palette. 2. Markness. Bedrooms in pure white look spectacular in the photo, but in real life they can be too marked, especially if there are children and pets in the house. 3. High contrast combined with dark shades. In conjunction with deep dark tones, boiling white may be too contrasting – the interior as a result will turn out to be too sharp, which is rarely beneficial.

4. Loss of interior volume. Using pure white in the setting, it is important to consider the need to use additional design techniques to give the interior volume. Otherwise, the sleeping area will turn out to be too flat, faceless, uninteresting. Among these techniques, for example: adding textured materials (including textiles); introduction of halftones (lighter/darker and warmer/colder); versatile lighting. 5. Inappropriateness in a chamber atmosphere. Fans of a chamber, boudoir atmosphere with muted dark tones are unlikely to appreciate the advantages of boiling white bedrooms.

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