Should you finish decorating before you add your flooring?

Should you finish decorating before you add your flooring?

If you plan to give your home a huge makeover, knowing what order to decorate a room in a big question, and chances are you are well aware of how tricky it can be to plan the logistics. From arranging your decorator to moving furniture, there are many elements to decorating that require clear organisation beforehand. So, when it comes to your floors, you need to know where to begin! Should you finish decorating before you add your flooring? Or should you wait until after? Allow us to help you decide…

Floors first

If you choose to add your flooring before you begin decorating, you will be able to make sure that your new flooring is the same height and thickness of the one you currently have installed. It can be quite disappointing to put in all that time and effort making the room look just how you would like it to, only to find that there will be a gap between your finished work and the flooring you are yet to install, which is why knowing what order to decorate a room is so important. It is recommended that you at least lift your old floor before you begin to decorate, helping to avoid baseboard and skirting damage.

Painting first

What order to decorate a room difficult to decide, but priority should be protecting your original features, whilst adding your new ones. Such as, if you choose to decorate before you add your flooring, be prepared for falling dust and dirt when you do finally add them. There is also the risk of scuffing your newly decorated walls when you install afterwards. So, although it may seem easier, in theory, to install the flooring after, this is certainly not the case.

Ceiling first

That being said, if there is any part of the room you should decorate before you install your flooring, it would be the ceiling. By painting your ceiling first, there will be a much smaller chance of any paint dripping onto your new floors mid-process. What order to decorate a room depends entirely on you but it helps to try and protect your current fixtures and fittings.


We’re not saying you CAN’T decorate your walls after installing a new floor, but if you wish to make things easier for yourself, we certainly recommend floors first. This is why it is important to pair your paint and flooring together during the planning stage to ensure you are happy with the combination you have chosen.

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