The right pillow helps you get a good night’s sleep and also helps prevent headaches and neck pain. We collected detailed information about which filler to choose for the pillows.

How to choose a pillow filler The ideal does not exist, if only because the parameters of the body of each person are individual and what is convenient for one may not be to the taste of another at all. That is why customer reviews of good fillers for pillows and the products themselves often differ.


- You should be comfortable. If you choose a pillow in an offline store, lie down on the model you like – the head and body should be in a comfortable position.

- The padding must “breathe”. Choose compounds that do not interfere with the free circulation of air, otherwise, fungus or dust mites may form inside over time.

- The parameters must remain unchanged. Crumple the item a few times and see how quickly it returns to its original shape.

- Covers and “stuffing” should not cause allergies. This rule applies not only to those who suffer from it – the hypoallergenic composition will ensure you a safe and healthy holiday.

- Maintenance should be simple. If the padding requires regular complex maintenance, it is better to abandon this option in favor of one that is easy to store and clean. It will make your daily life and cleaning easier.

- If you often have backaches or headaches, pick up stuffing with a soothing scent. It can be slightly sour – it will weaken the feeling of nausea.

- The pillow must be chosen individually. You should not buy the same products for all family members – each person has his own physiological characteristics and personal feeling of comfort. Someone likes to bury their head in soft fluff, while someone needs an orthopedic model. Perhaps the products will be different in shape or size and therefore look less aesthetically pleasing on the bed than the same ones, but everyone will get enough sleep.

Pillow fillings All fillers are divided into two groups: artificial and natural. Ease of care, convenience, and air exchange in the product depends on the quality of the stuffing. Consider which filler is better to buy pillows.



Natural There is no need to talk about the benefits of natural fillers: they are environmentally friendly, breathable, adjust to a comfortable body temperature and absorb excess moisture (for example, if a person sweats during sleep). But some of them are categorically contraindicated for people with allergies. Consider the pros and cons of each material.

Artificial The synthetics market is rapidly developing, and now there are dozens of modern artificial materials that are not inferior in their characteristics to natural ones. At the same time, they are easier to care for, and they are usually cheaper.