Where to Place a TV in Any Room

Whether you've just moved into a new home or are rearranging your furniture, one of the many questions you may ask yourself is, "Where should I put my TV?" As televisions become bigger, wider, and even curvier than their technological ancestors, it's become increasingly difficult to find the perfect position for them.

But fret not! We've compiled some considerations to help you determine the best placement for man's greatest invention in your home.

Where to Put a TV in the Living Room

When deciding where to put a TV in the living room, the logical place is across from a sofa. You can use swivel chairs on each side of the sofa if you would like to allow two arrangements – one for conversation, and another where everyone wants to see the TV.

Things to consider when placing a TV

Below are three factors to consider when placing a TV:

1. The Room

2. The Furniture

3. The Television

How Big Should My TV Be? What Is the Best TV Viewing Distance?

How big your TV should be and how far it should be from the sofa are really two sides of the same coin. In general, the trend these days is to err on the side of a larger TV. Especially with high definition technology, people seldom notice that the TV is too large, but definitely notice if the scale is too small.

TV viewing distance:

– 26" screen = 3 to 5.5 feet – 32" screen = 4 to 6.5 feet – 37" screen = 4.5 to 7.5 feet – 40" screen = 5 to 8.5 feet – 46" screen = 6 to 9.5 feet – 52" screen = 6.5 to 11 feet – 58" screen = 7 to 12 feet – 65" screen = 8 to 13.5 feet – 70" screen = 9 to 15 feet

Should I Mount My TV or Put It on a Stand?

Gone are the days when a giant television came in its own furniture cabinet, or when the entertainment center dominated the room because the TV was the size of a stove. Good riddance! Thanks to flat screens, you can usually find space on a wall that is strong enough for TV wall mounting.

Top Ideas for Different Types of TV Stands

The following are some of the most common types of TV stands (or entertainment centers) you can incorporate into your family room or living area:

– TV stand or TV console – Armoire – Wall unit entertainment center – Media chests

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