These are the 7 most calming entryway colors – to create a serene welcome to your home


Let's start with the obvious – white. But not just any white, since a white entryway can actually look quite clinical if you go with a pure brilliant white. For a calming feeling, you want to go with softer whites, something with a pink or yellow undertone. These are amongst the best colors for small entryways, because you get the freshness of white, but there's a softness there too.


Yellow might sound like a bold color, but pick the right shade and it can be sunny yet serene – the perfect balance. This narrow entryway and hallway designed by Studio Duggan makes the case. Combined with the olive green it's a playful yet calming entrance, with both shades being so muted they almost act like neutrals.


Another classic calming color, a soft pale gray. We are talking really soft and really pale. Much like white, gray hallways can tip over into being too stark if you go for something too cold with too strong of a blue undertone.


Plaster pinks are the way to do pinks right now. Elegant, warm and calming they are the ideal color to swathe the entrance to your home in. Plus, plaster pink is a really versatile shade that can work with any style and size of entryway. Here, it graces the beautiful, stately entryway of paint expert Edward Bulmer but it would look just as at home in a modern entryway.


Beige has definitely been having a bit of a glow-up in recent years, once shunned for being too blah, it now has a reoccurring spot in the color trends year on year. It's such a calming versatile shade that's not as warm as cream but far warmer than white. Again, ground this shade with some darker accents and a contrasting clean fresh white to give those more muted shades a lift.


'Pale green is a lovely calming color for the entryway as it imparts a sense of softness and gentleness to the space,' explains Debbie Leigh, Design Manager at ILIV. 'This softness can evoke feelings of comfort and relaxation, making the hallway more inviting and less overwhelming. Green is known to have a soothing effect on the eyes and the mind, most likely due to its association with nature. This works perfectly in a entryway, providing a connection to the outside and evoking a sense of harmony and balance.'


Pastel room ideas may sound a bit saccharine, but pick them in their most muted form and use them in smaller doses and they can feel really sophisticated. Not to mention these soft, pale hues are incredibly calming.

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