Bedding requires much more storage space in the apartment than clothes or shoes. And so that bulky sets do not clutter up the interior of an ordinary small-sized one, you just need to choose the appropriate corners for them.

1. Storage method First, you need to understand what percentage of the time you will be cleaning the house – it can be one hour or one day. So, if you are not a fan of cleaning up often and for a long time, it is better to put pillows and blankets in a container with a lid and a handle.

2. Storage location Keep bedding close to where you use it. For example, put the kid’s pillows and blankets in a chest of drawers in the child’s room, and place the adults in the closet in the bedroom.

3. Shelf height It is important to remember that shelves for storing pillows and blankets should be located just above eye level. These are not things for every day, but constantly reaching them with a stepladder is also not the most convenient option.

4. Guest linen A set of guest linen may be needed when relatives arrive or friends stay overnight. For it, you need to allocate space on the next shelf, in a separate box or soft organizer. Since the need for guest linen is rare, it can be removed under the bed or on the top shelf of the closet.

LIFE HACK: rarely used things are conveniently stored in a suitcase. First, put them in a vacuum bag or a soft organizer – then it will be easy to get them out and leave them on the shelf.

5. Laundry classification It is advisable to place your and your guest’s bedding on adjacent shelves – so you can quickly find them.

6. Spare and seasonal linen Spare or seasonal blankets and pillows can be stored in vacuum bags – especially if you have little shelf space or rarely remember this linen. The volume of the package should correspond to the number of things (in extreme cases, there may be two packages).

IMPORTANT: once every 4-6 months, the laundry from the vacuum bag must be taken out and ventilated.

7. Winter storage With the onset of winter, pillows, and blankets can be taken out to the balcony to refresh. Frost will remove from the laundry all the bacteria that will inevitably form there over time.