5 Pro-Approved Tips for Decorating an Entryway So It Makes a Lasting Impression

Include a Mirror

In addition to hanging artwork, you'll want to be sure to incorporate a mirror in the entryway, too.

Decorate the Walls

According to Christine Vroom, the founder of Christine Vroom Interiors, one way to differentiate your home's entryway from all of the others is to go big with art. The designer's top pick is a piece that has vibrant colors or sparks conversations when guests come over.

Prioritize Function

While your entryway should be eye-catching, you'll want to make sure that this space also serves a practical purpose, particularly if your home doesn't also contain a mudroom. "Make sure your entryway can also act as a safe haven for personal belongings in an aesthetically pleasing way," Barney says. Whether that's baskets, storage, or coat hooks to tidy up your space. You can always tuck aesthetically placing baskets under a console table or make a statement with a grand-looking coat rack in order to corral everyday essentials without sacrificing style.

Invest in Statement Lighting

The specific pieces you choose here are entirely up to you, but make an effort to replace those generic builder-grade light fixtures in your entryway with lighting that is elevated and reflects your aesthetic. Renters, you can do this, too—just keep the original fixtures somewhere safe so that you can reinstall them before moving out.

Style a Table

If your entryway is spacious enough to fit a round table, placing one front and center is sure to make a major impression. Breegan Jane, an interior designer, notes that a well-styled entryway table is one of her favorite ways to make an instant impact.

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