What to plant in February - the best flowers, fruit and vegetables to sow this month

1. Rhubarb

If you've always fancied learning how to grow rhubarb, you're in luck: it's one of the best things to plant in February.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are prime planting fodder for February, no matter what size your garden is (yes, you can learn how to grow tomatoes in pots).

3. Lettuce

Salad lovers, you're in luck: lettuce is on our list of what to plant in February, too. 'A lot of people think you have to sow lettuce outdoors from late March to late July, but that's only if you want a summer crop,' says Christopher.

4. Chillies

If you've been busy learning how to grow chillis in pots, it's time to put your skills to good use: these fiery little edimentals are also on our list of what to grow in February.

5. Broad beans

Another great vegetable to plant in February, 'broad beans can be sown directly outside' at this time of year. However, Morris cautions that 'germination can be more reliable if sown undercover'.

6. Cucumbers

Not sure why cucumbers are on our list of what to plant in February? Well, while they are usually sown in a propagator between March and April, Christopher says you can start them off indoors this month if your greenhouse is heated.

7. Garlic

Anyone who knows how to grow garlic will tell you that that planting individual cloves in cool soil is key to their thriving – so, yes, February is a great time to get to work (although we wouldn't leave it too much later).

Best flowers to grow in February

February is absolutely the time to start thinking about which flowers you want to see in your garden when the weather takes a turn for the warmer, especially as so many seeds and bulbs can be planted now.

1. Sweet peas

It's official: February is the perfect time to learn how to grow sweet peas from seed. 'Sweet peas are one of the most well known and loved garden annuals,' says Morris. 'Sowing into root modules will help the roots grow long and strong or use the biodegradable inside cardboard roll from toilet paper. The plants can then be planted out without any root disturbance when the weather is warmer. Pop them in the compost, cover over and lightly water.'

2. Cosmos

These sun-loving plants boast a long flowering season, so adding them to your list of what to plant in February is an excellent way to ensure your garden is filled with blooms come summer.

3. Marigolds

Both tagetes patula (French marigolds) and calendula (pot marigolds) are on our list of what to grow in February. 'Once you have calendula you’ll always have it,' says Morris. 'The seeds are prolific but they do grow easily and fill spaces in the garden that might otherwise be bare. Growing well in sun or part shade the bright yellow and orange flowers are both medicinal and beneficial for pollinators.'

4. Hardy perennials

Oh yes, you'd best believe that some of our favourite hardy perennial plants can be planted in February.

5. Summer flowering bulbs

February is absolutely the time to fill your garden with summer bulbs, especially if you want them to bloom when the sun starts shining. 'Lily bulbs can be planted anytime up to spring so you still have time now to get these in the ground,' says Morris. 'These can be planted directly outside in well drained soil at a depth of about 15 - 20cm. Make sure they are in a sunny spot so you can enjoy the colourful blooms in summer.'

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