4What should be a modern interior: Trends in design 2023

What is the main style of the year

Our design hearts and souls of connoisseurs of cozy cleanliness without frills have been conquered by modern “warm” minimalism.

We know that for many, the word “minimalism” already makes their eyes twitch, and a picture of empty and sterile space is drawn in their heads. No panic! Such cold, exclusively white-gray-black minimalism is long gone with the pandemic. No more detachment and loneliness in empty impersonal walls.

Modern minimalism is about a combination of homely warmth, security, interesting and at the same time restrained shapes, soft colors and natural materials.

Soft minimalism

When choosing materials for decoration, the focus here is on environmental friendliness - another trend of 2024 that came to us from 2023. In the wish-list of “warm” minimalism, you will find:

– tree; – concrete; – metal; – stone; – marble; – their modern alternatives that imitate the natural surface and have a natural composition.

Green shades . The list includes: olive, sage, warm variations of green and malachite. Green will add more calmness to the interior and emphasize the connection with nature from the first paragraph of the article. You can use this color in furniture, decoration, decorative items. The easiest option is to introduce green with the help of plants.

Green shades emphasize the connection with nature

Separately, we will take out Verdigris - a shade between green and blue. It conveys nostalgic warmth and is used as an updated turquoise in bedrooms and family living rooms.

Earthy organic shades . Terracotta, cognac, taupe, dark chocolate remind us of the connection between man and the earth and seem to lead to a more balanced lifestyle. Among the favorite flowers is Sundial, or "sundial" (warm ocher yellow).

Calm blue . This shade is also called “quiet blue”, as it is reminiscent of the elements of air, water and personifies the calmness that each of us needs so much in moments of finding balance. "Calm blue" can be used both as an accent and in a softer tone.

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