What makes your bedroom look cheap? 5 things top designers warn against and what to do instead

1. Sparse Bedding

Sparse, or not, the best bedsheets are beneficial if you're looking to keep a bedroom cool, but in terms of aesthetics, it's better to add layers – according to Patricia Tram, an interior designer at Strut Interiors. And, as she explains, you don't need to sacrifice comfort to stay cool.

2. Metal Blinds

'Metal blinds may look okay in some office settings, but they look sad in a bedroom where window treatments should be soft and inviting,' warns Antoinette Allande Anderson, the founder of Antoinette Allande Interiors.

3. Over-Use Of Velvet

According to Sharon Falcher & Sherica Maynard of Interior Design by S&S, an overuse of velvet decor ideas will give your bedroom a 'cheaper' look. The design duo warns against the overuse of velvet – whether through a velvet headboard, velvet bedding, velvet window treatments, or velvet accent seating. As the designers say, a pop of velvet here and there is fine, but it's important not to overdo it.

4. Ill-Fitting Drapery

'An immediate eye-catching eyesore are drapes and curtains that are in the wrong length,' Patricia warns. 'Drapery that falls above a baseboard and hangs halfway on a wall feels out of place, cheap, and awkward.'

5. Poor Lighting

'Ambiance is everything when it comes to the bedroom, and good bedroom lighting will instantly make a bedroom feel more cozy and upscale,'  Patricia says.

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