What makes a living room look cheap? 5 things to avoid, according to designers

1. Too Many Small Furnishings

'Many think if it's a big space or even a small space, you need multiple pieces of furniture to fill the space. This is far from the truth,' says Chrissy Jones, an LA-based designer at Twenty-Eighth Design Studio.

2. Excessive Glamor

When used in moderation, mirrored furnishings, diamonds, and platinum accents have their place. However, Chrissy warns that if you have too much glamor in a room – especially regarding small living room ideas.

3. Unmatched Or Inconsistent Flooring

If you've read up on what type of flooring is best for a living room, you may already know about the influence your floor has on your space. Therefore, it is unsurprising that designers urge against having multiple different flooring materials throughout your space.

4. Using Outdated Pieces

Some interior styles are fleeting, so it's important to know when to move with the times – arguably in your living room more than any other space in your home. 'While the traditional style still exists, mixing pieces will help ensure your room doesn't look dated and on the cheaper end,' Chrissy says.

5. Too Much Clutter

'Too many accessories, disorganization, and everything out on the dresser can really cheapen up your [room],' Chrissy says. You can make great investments in your furniture, however, if there is too much clutter, the designer warns that your space will feel 'downgraded.'

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