What is trending décor? Ten Tips for Timeless Decorating

1. Buy Furniture with Clean Lines

Furniture with clean, simple lines has always been popular, and for good reason! It has an understated, sophisticated look that tends to work with most design styles.

2. Choose Neutral Colors for Walls and Furniture

Neutral colors are timeless because they work with any style or color palette. With a neutral wall color, you can change up other colors in the room without having to repaint.

3. Use Trendy Colors and Patterns as Accents

Timeless decorating doesn’t mean that you never embrace any trends! It just means that the main pieces of your design aren’t centered around one particular trend.

4. Less is More

One thing is for sure, clutter has been a bad look in every decade! Timeless spaces tend to have a pulled-together, clean, clutter-free look to them.

5. Blend Old and New

Another tip for achieving a timeless look in your home, is to blend old and new pieces, such that your design spans multiple decades, or can’t be tied to any one.

6. Some Colors Never go out of Style

There are certain colors that have been popular throughout the years, even as color trends have come and gone. These classic hues include neutrals (blacks, creams, beiges), navy blue, and darker shades of green.

7. Use Traditional Patterns

Using classic patterns, such as stripes, damasks, plaids, and florals, can create a timeless feeling in your room. These patterns have been widely used and popular for many years, and they represent a classic, traditional look.

8. Incorporate Natural Materials

Home decorating has long been inspired by the nature we see around us, and there’s no reason to expect this to change in the future.

9. Embrace Built-Ins

Built-ins have been a highly desirable feature in homes for decades – We happen to be a huge fans! Not only are they functional and add tons of storage, but they have a way of creating a cozy, grounded feeling in a room.

10. Install Crown Moulding

Many newly-built homes lack the character and architectural details of older homes, especially when it comes to trim and millwork. But, it’s those traditional details that often give a home a classic, timeless feel.

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