What is the new Poverty?

Poverty is not a vice, but a fashion trend. When it comes to product design.

Attention is drawn to things made by people, not machines. Authors get rid of the superfluous in order to focus on the function of the subject and emphasize its shape.

“The design is not stingy, but verified. The lines are clear, the materials are honest, and the shades are natural. “New minimalism” is embodied in traditional wood of natural tones, adding a graphic finish with black trim, and ironic luxury with gold.

The items support the trend of Soft Minimal – in the conditions of urban growth and lack of space in small apartments, people try to do less, including choosing laconic furniture that does not visually clutter the space. Simple forms, always particularly good for Japanese and Scandinavian authors, are now to the credit of all the world’s leading pros.”

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