What is the most popular bathroom towel color for 2023?

1. Textured Towels For A Spa-Like Sensation

Texture is going to be huge in 2023. In living spaces and bedrooms, 'comfortcore' is the art of layering 'teddy bear', boucle, cotton, chenille, linen, faux fur and velvet textures to create the interior design equivalent of a warm hug.

2. Deep Botanical Greens

Biophilic design has had a huge impact on interiors in the past few years. Defined as 'the idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life', it's an approach that lends itself particularly well to the bathroom.

3. Aqua And Mineral Blues

While nautical or coastal-themed bathrooms may be considered passé, blue bathrooms, and more specifically, blue towels, are still well loved by interiors trendsetters.

4. Sustainable And Organic Towels

As climate change becomes an increasingly pertinent issue, eco decor and ways to style our homes sustainably are gaining momentum. Buying 100% cotton towels is a good place to start, since, as Lucy Ackroyd points out, 'one of their benefits is that they fully biodegradable and recyclable'. However, 'organic towels' have even stronger eco credentials.

What Towel Styles Are Falling From Favor?

'We are finding that pattern on the whole is trending down,' says Lucy Ackroyd. 'It may seem quite surprising, but I think possibly it's because people are playing with pattern through wallpaper and tiles, even in half baths and powder rooms.'

'Therefore, there's less focus on pattern when it comes to towels and it's more about color.'

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