What is replacing carpet? 5 more on-trend ways to cover your floors

What Is Replacing Carpet?

We are all aware carpet is no longer the way to cover your home's floors, in fact, carpet has been getting a bit of stick recently for not being the chicest of options. So if carpet, the once go-to choice for most bedroom flooring and living room flooring, is on the out what's on the in?


Concrete sounds very industrial, and yes it does lend itself well to that unfinished, edgy vibe, but there are so many colors and finishes available now it can work really nicely with other styles too. In this beach house designed by Raili Ca, the hard flooring makes sense practically, but aesthetically it also lends itself to that laid-back, bohemian bedroom vibe. As with any hard flooring you can soften the look with a large area rug too.


You get the same softness and coziness as a carpet but with an area rug, you have far more flexibility and versatility. A colored or patterned carpet for example seems like a bit of a commitment, and there's the potential it will overwhelm a room, but with a rug, you have the opportunity to bring in some character on a slightly smaller scale – like a feature wall or a large piece of artwork. Plus, you can always pull it up and switch it out as rug trends or your style changes.


Tiles have of course been a popular flooring choice for softer spaces if you live in warmer climes forever since they can keep a room feeling extra cool, but we are starting to see them seep into homes the world over. It may seem like a slightly unusual flooring choice for rooms that you want to feel soft and inviting, but we aren't talking ay old tile here, you want tiles that have texture, and warmth or add a touch of the unexpected to a room.


Wooden flooring is as classic as carpet, it's more durable, easier to clean, and gives a sleeker, more aesthetically pleasing finish. Plus, you have so much choice in terms of tones and patterns. We are seeing more and more parquet flooring being used in bedrooms and living rooms – you get far more interest and texture than you would with a carpet.


Not exactly replacing carpet, more the most on-trend way to do carpet. We see these natural carpets made from jute, coir, and boucle to be more like hard flooring anyway they are such low piles. This style of carpet is hardwearing, easy to clean, and obviously very aesthetically pleasing – it would work perfectly if you are after a rustic, minimalist style. Plus you can layer them up with rugs just as you would do with wooden flooring.

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