What is Japandi? And how do you get this trend right?

Japandi: the new interior style everyone is talking about It may seem that there is little in common between both Japan and Scandinavia. This is true, but not when it comes to interior design. Both regions value simplicity, minimalism, natural elements, and comfort. Not surprisingly, many designers noticed these parallels and began to combine them. At the junction of such connections, a new trendy style has appeared.

Japandi style is a mixture of two interior traditions: Scandinavian and Japanese. The name came from two words – japan and scandi.

Japandi Style Principles Consider the principles of the new style in more detail. By sticking to them, you will recreate this sophisticated style in space.

Natural materials Wood and stone are textures that migrated to Japandi from the Scandinavian style. However, here designers achieve brightness and volume through a combination of diverse textures, and not the decor.

The decor is a function Japandi interiors are as practical as they are visually beautiful. Each item is in the right place and performs a specific function. The focus on functionality Japandi inherits from the Scandinavian interior, where ergonomics are valued above other properties. To reproduce this aspect, follow the commandment of the Nordic style: do not use what cannot be used in ten ways. So, a rice straw screen in the living room is primarily a way to zone the space and not just a bright accent of the interior. And let the figurine in the form of a bunny on the table also be a salt shaker or gravy boat. The only universal decor for the japandi style is living plants.

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