1. Stylish bedroom with accent wall For a young customer, was designed a sky-blue bedroom. The main feature of the interior was the accent wall behind the head of the bed. It was covered with wallpaper with the image of a flamingo, and the atmosphere immediately began to play in a new way.

2. Bright white bedroom For an adult couple, calm light colors are ideal. White as the basis – the walls in the bedroom were covered with wallpaper with a small botanical print. We decided to complement the monochrome environment with the help of blue and yellow shades that remind us of summer.

3. Stylish bedroom in a modern style Taupehome designers have relied on modern materials in the decoration – slate, and wood. It was decided not to overload the interior with unnecessary details – a spectacular accent wall behind the head of the bed turned out to be quite enough.

4. Spacious bedroom in bright colors The loggia helped designer Kirill Ponomarenko to increase the space of the bedroom – it was attached to the room. They decided to enhance the effect of free space with the help of light textile wallpapers, which also add coziness and go well with the olive-colored upholstery of the bed.

5. Bedroom in pink colors for a girl This bedroom is for a young girl, so she chose a light color scheme – powdery pinks and grays. A niche in the room was used as a dressing room – it is convenient when it is in the bedroom. And the highlight of the interior was a poster with Audrey Hepburn over the head of the bed.

6. Bedroom in gray-blue tones Cold and deep shades can also look good in the bedroom if you choose the right combination. For a young married couple, designer Elena Teplova designed the interior in gray-blue tones. Beige shades helped to add warmth to the atmosphere – they were dosed with the help of textiles.