What colors should I paint my living room to make it brighter? 5 space-boosting colors, as chosen by designers


Limewash paint gives a room such a special feeling that you experience as soon as you step into it. It doesn’t have a flat color, like normal paint, and so the light seems to dance across the walls, making a space feel brighter in an instant.


It's inviting, uplifting and effortless to decorate with, so it's no surprise that pink is now seen as an interiors neutral. But with choices from pastel to bubblegum, the right shade can prove a tricky quest – and that's where earthy pink comes in. Rich and nuanced, an earthy pink has a depth that lends sophistication to a scheme. A versatile hue, it can veer into burgundy or brighten into a deep coral.


It's the simplest of colors but, as anyone who has set off on the quest for the perfect white can attest, also one of the trickiest to get right, especially if you want to brighten a dark living space.


An earthy golden yellow is a shade that not only shines, but also brightens, and can visually expand a small living area. Mood-lifting and warm, yellow brings energy, confidence, and optimism to a space. It can be used anywhere in the home but is particularly effective in north-facing rooms that lack light.


To make green living rooms look brighter, it's important to do a little in-room research first. To begin with, consider the room's natural light. Is it a cool, east- or north-facing light that the room gets or a warm one? Knowing this will help you choose a balancing shade – warmer ones for cooler rooms and cooler ones for warmer rooms.

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