What can I put on my living room wall? 10 ideas for added beauty, character, and decoration

What Can I Put On My Living Room Wall?

From the power of paint to plants, living room art, mirrors, and more browse our collection of ideas to ensure that you are making the most out of the walls in your living room.

1. Decorate With Eye-Catching Artwork

Decorating with art can be a beautiful expression of our style and personality in the home. A piece of art not only evokes conversation and engagement but can also enrich a space with elegant texture, color and unique design.

2. Enhance The Space With Mirrors

A mirror can not only act as a lovely decoration and focal point in a room but decorating with mirrors can help to make a small living room look bigger and brighter – so what have you go to lose?

3. Create A Colorful Feature Wall With Paint

The power of paint will never cease in being able to transform and rejuvenate our homes. Helping a room appear more colorful, vibrant, warm and bright (the list goes on), exploring living room paint ideas can be a great way to liven up your walls.

4. Choose Both Beautiful And Practical Wall Lights

As the living room is such a versatile and multi-functional space, your chosen living room lighting ideas need to be able to cater to a whole host of different functions, moods and scenarios.

5. Style Your Shelves To Perfection

Peter Erlandsson, co-owner at String Furniture says, 'we believe that our shelves should be a reflection of our personalities and exhibit the objects that we have collected throughout our lives. When it comes to styling shelves, I have found that selecting just a few beautiful pieces to display can make the most decorative impact and be the most sentimental.

6. Make An Impact With A Wallpapered Wall

Beautifully chosen living room wallpaper ideas are one of the most popular ways to enhance the room with impactful patterns, color, and texture,

7. Add Classic Character With Paneling

Whether you have a traditional living room that features original paneling or simply want to add a tactile, textural element to the walls in a more modern space, there is something incredibly sophisticated and elegant about paneling.

8. Decorate With Hanging Plants

'Over the past few years, we have emerged with a refreshed motivation to connect ourselves more deeply to nature and the world around us. This biophilic shift to rebalance ourselves has seen us create spaces that bring the outside, inside, and dress the spaces around us with life and living things,' says Jo Littlefair, co-founder and director of Goddard Littlefair.

9. Mount Decorative Ornaments

It can be as simple as that! From decorative plates to hanging decorations and even musical instruments, ideal for a wall in a music room also, creating a unique, artistic wall display with objects such as these can make for a stylish design feature in the space.

10. Make It Personal With Family Photos

In this minimalist living room, designed by Lucie Ayres of 22 Interiors, the family picture wall really takes center stage, with the different styles and shapes of frames making for a welcoming focal point in the space.

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