What are the worst colors to paint a room? The shades experts say you should never use

1. Red – A Color That Can Overwhelm If Used Incorrectly

Red room ideas can be too intense for most people – and red is considered to be the most stressful color in history. This harsh paint color often reminds us of danger and disaster. It is strong, boisterous, and stimulating, which is why it is often used in warning signs and traffic signals.

2. Orange – A Stimulating Color That Heightens The Senses

Decorating with orange might be a fun way to add playful color to a room, but it should certainly be used with caution. Much like red, orange is considered to be an overstimulating color, making it a bad choice for restful spaces, such as the main bedroom and children's rooms.

3. Grey – A Color Often Associated With Loneliness And Depression

Often noted by designers and color psychologists as a depressive and lonely color, grey paint can harmonize well with almost every other hue, making it one of the most adaptable neutrals – and giving good reason for its popularity, says Helen Shaw, UK director at Benjamin Moore.

4. Using A Paint Color That You Don't Love

When it comes to decorating, not choosing a paint color scheme that makes your heart sing is a tremendous yet easy mistake to make. While you may love the room you've seen in your favorite glossy magazine, you would be wise to pick a paint color that evokes positive or pleasant feelings for you. Your home should bring you joy and paint color is a vital – and cost-effective way –  to revitalize any space, and should be given as much consideration as any other element in your home.

5. Not Choosing A Paint Color According To Light Levels

Another key factor is light, and the best way to address this is by considering the aspect of the room as well as the undertone of the paint. ‘As a general rule, to lighten up a north-facing room, avoid anything with a green or grey base or don’t fight it and paint it dark which creates a cozy and cocooning feel,’ says Patrick.

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