What are the most timeless interior design styles? Interior designers list their favorite classics


Perhaps one of the most iconic timeless interior design styles is minimalism. Known for its clean lines and sophisticated style, it's for those who love to live clutter-free with a subtle color palette.


Cozy and comfy with pretty ditsy florals and worn and weathered furniture passed down, the farmhouse decor will always be timeless. 'My ultimate vision of life is to be ensconced in a farmhouse down a long winding track where peace reigns and productivity surrounds me, whether it be through the growing of vegetables or the rearing of animals there is a happy chaos all around me, chickens, dogs, sheep all going about life with wild abandon,' says textile designer and block printer, Molly Mahon.


Not necessarily a design style that springs to mind instantly, but one that can be seen throughout interiors over the last decade. More personal perhaps than some of the others, it gives you freedom of expression in terms of color, pattern, and style.


Who doesn't love the appeal of a Shaker kitchen or dining room? Rooted in simple yet functional design, nothing says timeless more than this style, and it can be applied to any room of the house. Shaker design also has a lovely muted color palette.


With a nod to the seventies, bohemian interior style is about really choosing what you love, over what you think you should have. 'For us, 'bohemian' is more of a state of mind or approach to decorating than it is a prescribed design style – it’s about being open and trusting your intuition when it comes to making choices about your space, and not being afraid to mix high and low, modern and traditional, and a variety of materials,' advises Rebekah Zaveloff, co-founder and creative director of Imparfait Design.


Classic interior design is when you enhance those special original elements like ornate detailing, traditional flooring, elegant furniture, and beautiful fabrics that are inspired by the past.  It's not opulent as such, and is easy on the eye – comfortable furniture, the use of symmetry and subtle color palettes that don't jar the eye.


Not to be confused with minimalism, modern style, or contemporary as it's often known by a link with their love of form and function, but modern interior design can be full of color whereas minimalism often isn't.


We all dream of having a home in the South of France right? Save your pennies and create this slow-living look in your own home instead. 'The French country style is all about evoking the charm and warmth of rural France. To create the look, try incorporating subtle colors, such as beige, cream, and light pastels. Natural fabrics that are textured, such as cottons and linens, help to create a space that feels rustic yet elegant,' suggests Tim Walters, managing director, George Spencer Designs.


If you love a design-led interior style that's timeless then consider Art Deco decor. Bold and beautiful with iconic patterns, it's for those who love pattern and color combined. 'We love anything with a historical vein running through it and art deco definitely has a special place in our hearts – many of our wallpapers are influenced by this period,' says Jamie Watkins, co-founder, Divine Savages.


Another absolute design classic is mid-century modern – a beautiful combination of vintage, retro, and modern design with lots of natural wood and a mostly neutral color palette.

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