What are the most popular bathroom themes? 4 favorite looks loved by the experts

What Are The Most Popular Bathroom Themes?

First, you need to decide on a theme for the bathroom; this can be inspired by many things – a particular bathroom color palette used in a favorite piece of artwork, a style of bathroom storage from a certain era that you particularly like, or you can start from scratch by creating a virtual moodboard on Pinterest. Once you have identified your preferred color scheme, layout, and bathroom style, you can use this to inform the rest of your design.

1. Country-Chic Bathroom

One of the important things about designing a country bathroom – especially in a rural area – is that it doesn’t seem utilitarian. 'We like to make sure that it feels like any other decorative space, with antiques and freestanding elements,' says interior designer Nicole Salvesen.

2. The Minimalist Bathroom

'The spa bathroom is a special place, for relaxation and taking some time for yourself,' says architect John Pawson on designing a sanctuary with visual quiet. 'As one of the most important rooms in the house, it needs a lot of design energy, as how you deal with the bath, the basin, the shower and the privacy of the loo all in one room can get interesting. Also, sustainability is a pressing issue, so how we use water and heat without wastage requires thoughtful consideration.'

3. The Hotel-Inspired Bathroom

'Our design work in hotels is an interesting barometer because it enables us to get reactions from lots of people,' says interior designer Nicola Harding on adding comfort and character to a bathroom. 'From a durability point of view, it’s rather like stress-testing materials and design ideas, because things are heavily used in hotels.'

4. The Colorful Bathroom

'Bathrooms can be clinical spaces, so I work hard to make them the very opposite,' says interior designer Lucy Barlow on adding color for an inviting scheme. 'I want them to feel homely and inviting, by injecting bathroom color with a considered choice of tiles or painted joinery. For example, a vanity unit, painted in an unexpected color, can make a standout piece that instantly introduces warmth.'

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