What are the best accent colors for a white kitchen? 8 fail-safe shades to try


Black is perhaps not your first go-to color when you think of adding an accent, but it can certainly pack a punch when it comes to contrast, and of course, the beauty of white is that it's essentially a blank canvas for you to play with.


An accent color can be as minimal as one element being in that particular color. In this case, the appliance. Rachel Seldin, principal designer at Seldin Design Studios explains: 'The infusion of turquoise blue was a paramount request from my client, who holds this shade dear to her heart. To seamlessly incorporate her favorite palette into the kitchen, we made a deliberate choice to accentuate with turquoise blue appliances.


If your white kitchen has tall ceilings or is open plan and quite large, then you can 'ground' it visually by choosing a darker color for your cabinetry. It will draw the eye down and give the room a more balanced feel.


It's not always paint that can be an accent color in a white kitchen, you can introduce one by using a different texture too. Richard Atkins, managing director, DesignSpace London says, 'The union of materials that have different or opposite characteristics can result in an exciting and timeless design schemes. For example, a white kitchen teamed with dark wood units or a marble island with beautiful veins introduces drama and interest to a space.'


Perk up a white kitchen that's lacking a little in natural light with a bold emerald green – yes, there's also a black accent, but it's the green that elevates this kitchen with its bold shade. What's also interesting about this kitchen is where the accent color used.

6. RED

‘Introducing a white and neutral kitchen wallpaper pattern will create additional interest to an all-white kitchen, softening the hard surface finishes and integrating the space into a wider interior scheme,' says Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene.


Peach is a perfect accent color to team with white, and remember you can play with proportions – add a few peach tones, see how you like it, then add more if it gets the result you want.


'I love blues with white. It may sound cliché, but it’s classic. You can never go wrong with it. I prefer warm whites to cool whites – they feel less cold,' says Robin Gannon, founder, Robin Gannon Interiors. There's something so uplifting about sky blue and white, perhaps due to the connotations of summer skies and warm, hazy days. We love how Robin has used the blue accent in a number of ways – the cabinet on the left, upholstered bar stools, and tableware, it's the perfect mix with the white.

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