What are Sherwin-Williams' best-selling paints? And how interior designers put them to use


The top of the list is of course a white paint. For anyone who has ever tried to find the perfect white knows it's no easy task. But the reason Pure White SW 7005 is such a popular choice is because, despite its name it's not a true white, it's ever so slightly warmer. As Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin-Williams explains, 'This versatile, bright white has the slightest yellow undertone that keeps it from appearing too stark.'


Agreeable Gray SW 7029 comes up time and time again when we ask designers for their best greige paints. 'This color is wonderful because it can feel very creamy or more gray depending on how much light hits it and what other colors are around it,' explains Mollie Ranize. 'The fact that it can appear slightly differently depending on lighting makes it interesting in many architectural styles from Craftsman to Tudors. It feels like it has historical relevance. It can also highlight trim brilliantly.'


'Snowbound SW 7004, with its slight gray undertone, this versatile cool white pairs well with other gray-influenced colors,' explains Sue Wadden. The thing that makes Snowbound such as white paint is that, as Sue mentions, it does pair well with cooler tones, but also can work to balance and freshen warmer shades, as can be seen in this white bathroom designed by Marie Flanigan.


'This is an all-around PERFECT paint. I use this in 90% of my projects for ceilings, doors, and trim,' says Shelagh. Alabaster SW 7008 is a much-loved paint and as Sue describes it's for 'When you want the brightness of a white without sacrificing a warm coziness, try this soft, warm but balanced white.' It's a white that teeters on the edge of being a cream – one of the best warm white paints out there.


'Unlike many beiges, Accessible Beige SW 7036 has undertones of gray that can give your space a warm, snug feel,' explains Sue. The name of this paint explains it perfectly, it's so versatile and easy to use and more of a greige than a beige so you don't have to worry about it look too warm. It also means it works with both warm and cooler shades. It's a huge color trend for 2024 to be blending the two sides of the color while and this best-of-both-worlds paint makes for the perfect backdrop.


What a dreamy sounding paint. 'This sunny white comes to life in natural light, and its best used to brighten any space or try it on trim to make other colors pop,' explains Sue. Not too cool not too warm this shade is very close to a brilliant white with just a hint of yellow, which is something you should always look for.


Drift of Mist SW 9166 is a very airy, yet inviting gray that can work in any space. It's as warm as grays come which makes it far more versitile than a cooler shade and yet it doe help balance out any very warm shades like orange-toned woods or very yellowy creams.

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