Wardrobe as cat wall and climber

The Cat cabinet is both aesthetic and functional. But not for a person, but for his pet. Designed by Susanne Hellman Holmström and Eleonor Moschevitz, the wardrobe is nothing more than cat furniture. This is a real “cat apartment”, a paradise for cats where they can have fun walking through various tunnels, clinging and scratching on rough surfaces.

This furniture for cats has been designed so far in one copy by order of 24Storage, a Swedish company that deals with warehouse programs and cargo transportation. Cat Apartment was carefully crafted based on the advice of leading Swedish feline psychologist Susanne Hellman Holmström, who identified 10 essentials beyond the basics that cats need for better emotional and physical health.

Cats’ needs vary from sleeping, scratching, brushing, playing, socializing, etc. Cat furniture takes care of them, remembering that cats spend most of their time indoors.  Based on the advice of a psychologist, interior designer Eleanor Moszewitz created a closet that looks like a small closet.

The furniture is made of walnut veneer with slatted doors, the slats are located at different angles. Inside there are three levels-shelves, complete with stimulating elements and toys.

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