Want privacy on your patio? These 6 fast-growing climbing plants are just the ticket

1. Sweet peas

‘There are lots of plants that climb quickly but some really fast growers are everlasting sweet peas,’ says Fiona Jenkins, gardening expert at MyJobQuote.co.uk. This plant with pretty, dainty flowers is especially favoured because one doesn’t have to do much to care for sweetpeas. And they’re one of the few climbing plants that doesn’t require a fully sunny spot in the garden.

2. Wisteria

Who doesn’t love the regal-looking, purple-flowering wisteria, made particularly famous by the Netflix show Bridgerton. It is also one of those plants that will increase your property value. ‘Providing flowers in the spring as well as being fast-growing, wisteria can quickly cover a fence or a screen to provide a good amount of privacy,’ Steve says. ‘Do make sure to keep it well-pruned though in order to prevent it from becoming overgrown and in order to make sure the flowers keep coming back.’

3. Clematis

Another fast and easy climbing plant is clematis, also known as the ‘queen of climbers’. The plant produces beautiful star-shaped flowers in white, pink or purple and like most climbing plants loves the sun. ‘An evergreen clematis will work well to cover a fence and provide screening from neighbours. Clematis ‘apple blossom’ is a vigorous climber and produces lots of almond-fragranced, pink-white flowers. So, it looks and smells great too. It’s capable of growing to a height of 3 metres and a spread of 5 metres, providing plenty of privacy,’ Fiona says.

4. Climbing honeysuckle

‘These are not only fast-growing climbers, but produce beautiful flowers that attract pollinators, helping to make your garden more eco-friendly,' says Steve. 'These plants are easy to grow and look after, and provide a sunny or only partially shaded location.'

5. Rambling roses

Unlike climbing roses, rambling roses are quite aggressive growers. So you can be sure they will cover your trellis pretty quickly once planted. And some varieties can also grow in a shaded location if you don’t have the luxury of a sunny spot.

‘These roses can quickly cover walls and fences, and come in different varieties with some being suitable for growing in the shade,' says Steve. 'They need a lot of space in order to thrive, but will produce beautiful bushy foliage once established.'

6. Ivy

Enveloping your garden wall or fence in ivy is one of the best ivy garden ideas and uses of the notoriously fast-growing and often invasive climber. Just be careful not to let it grow on your house.

‘Ivy is a really popular plant when it comes to creating a dense privacy screen. However, Ivy can be invasive, which might put you off if you're not willing to keep on top of pruning and maintenance. Although many homes do have ivy growing on them, it can cause structural problems so I recommend keeping it away from your home,’ advises Steve.

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