One of the conditions for the harmonious development of the child is a beautifully decorated room that will give him a sense of security and comfort. Wallpapers from children’s collections will help create a good mood and, perhaps, become a source of inspiration for both kids and teenagers.

What wallpaper will help create an interior that matches the character and interests of the child? There are many options: background canvases in pastel colors combined with original borders; wallpaper with a more intense pattern; bright colorful panels, which are enough to decorate only one of the walls.

Material part Children’s collections are most often represented by paper wallpapers since this material is absolutely safe for health. With frequent interior updates, they will become a worthy alternative to other types of wallpaper.

More practical and durable non-woven wallpaper. They are a non-woven fabric pressed from a mixture of cellulose and synthetic fibers with a binder.

Vinyl wallpaper has no equal in terms of ease of regular maintenance. The walls with them can be wiped with a damp cloth or washed.

Rules of applying More recently, wallpaper sheets were glued with an overlap. The process started from the window and moved in the opposite direction – then daylight fell on the open ends of the paintings, and they became less noticeable. Now most wallpapers are glued end-to-end, but skilled craftsmen continue to follow the established “window-to-door” work order, including for decorating the ceiling.

Color correction When choosing a wallpaper color for a nursery, it is important to take into account the temperament and psycho type of the child. For active kids, wallpaper in light, cool shades are preferable. They visually expand the room, creating a feeling of open space. For calm and dreamy natures, it is better to choose wallpapers of bright and juicy tones that will give a boost of energy and a good mood.

Using wallpapers of different colors and patterns, you can highlight the functional areas in a spacious room and, conversely, designate the conditional boundaries of a nursery in a small room. The stronger the coatings differ in color, the greater the visual contrast between parts of the room.

Wallpaper decors for a children’s room are incredibly diverse. Kids will love canvases with funny animals and birds, letters of the alphabet, cartoon characters. Before going to bed, parents will be able to tell stories about each character, learn the alphabet with their child, or come up with words and fairy tales that begin with a certain letter.

The main thing is to choose wallpaper with your child, showing respect for his opinion.