How to set up a home office: 5 best solutions

Room A separate office – for someone this dream has already come true. Many designers advise approaching its arrangement as a continuation of a house or apartment.

Work desk The main lesson learned by many on remote access: the desk is essential. It is impossible to fully work all day, sitting with a laptop on the couch. A “thorough” approach to home office design doesn’t mean you have to look for massive desks with cabinets, there are more relevant options: lightweight designs that have built-in cable channels, wireless chargers, USB ports, and electrical outlets.

Stol/chair Perhaps the most important component: is responsible for proper posture and health. It is worth investing in a work chair to the maximum, the costs are justified. Today there are many great ergonomic chairs with individual settings, upholstered in textiles or leather.

Organization The arrangement of furniture affects performance. “Children are punished by putting them in a corner facing the wall. Why do we place a table with a chair in such a way that we have to look at the wall? I welcome the position where natural light comes from behind and the seated person faces the door to greet visitors,” says Reinaldo Leandro of New York’s Ashe Leandro team.

Lighting It is better to place the workplace by the window – unless, of course, the specifics of the work prescribe avoiding bright light. The quality of lighting is directly related to your productivity and mood. The window not only supplies natural light but also provides an opportunity to be distracted by looking into the distance: this is both psychological relief and gymnastics for the eyes.

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