Unlock the ultimate 'everything shower' ritual with these expert-backed design tips

If there's something TikTok is known for, it's for being at the forefront of trends. From bathroom trends to self-care rituals, best believe if something goes viral on TikTok, it's for good reason – and the 'everything shower' is no exception.

Now, you may wonder: 'What on earth is an everything shower?' Well, consider the 'everything shower' your own personal version of an at-home spa day that could consist of anything from scalp detoxes, to full body scrub sessions, and more. It's the extra self-care steps you'd probably take during a Sunday reset, for example.

The ultimate 'everything shower' bathroom design recipe

'Self-care has evolved over the last few years and the 'everything shower' has become the latest ritual people are adopting,' starts Dayna Isom Johnson, trend expert at Etsy. 'Keeping a relaxed and tidy environment is a key part of this process, so I recommend having a streamlined and efficient approach to organisation.'

1. Pre-shower

'For the pre-shower, you'll likely be using products like hair or scalp treatments, so keep these near your hairbrush so you don't forget to apply them,' advises Warren.

2. Main shower

'For your in-shower routine, I recommend using a shower shelf. One long shower shelf or a smaller shelf with two levels should be more than enough to hold your in-shower products, from shampoo to body scrub,' suggests Warren.


'Lastly, keep your post-shower products like body oil and skincare, safely away from warm shower steam in an under-sink storage cupboard,' advises Warren.

'These products may not necessarily be made for being kept in a humid bathroom so storing them in bathroom storage units is essential to help them stay long-lasting.'

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