Truly Timeless Decorating: 8 Smart Choices That Never Go Out of Style


What you should invest in for timeless home decor.

1. Natural materials.

Has there ever been a decade when marble, wood, or brick wasn’t in style? Nope. Manmade materials just don’t have the same staying power as natural elements. Remember when Corian was the primo countertop material?

2. Molding and architectural features.

Everyone loves the timeless look of beautiful architectural details in old buildings even though they’ve been there for decades. They are immune to being outdated.

3. Classic style furniture with classic patterns and clean lines.

Classic furniture styles are such a smarter investment than anything trendy. Because furniture is where most of your budget goes when decorating.

4. Organic materials

Nature is the OG of decorating materials. Which means textures found there are forever. Work some of these into the accessories in your rooms and they will work for you for a long, long time:

– Sisal and jute rugs – Rattan, wicker, caning – Driftwood – Animal hides – Polished or rustic stone

5. Classic color combos.

A neutral color scheme is the most timeless color palette. We can’t think of a more classic and sophisticated color combination than black, charcoal, linen, and white.

But some combinations of shades with more color are just as timeless. Blue and white is so trendy right now but it will always be timeless. Blue and white porcelain is always a wise investment – it’s been in style since the 14th century!

6. Vintage and antique furniture and accessories.

A lovely piece of vintage furniture or an accessory never goes out of style. And these treasures add interest and character to a room. Pairing them with new items creates that comfortable, curated, classic look.

7. White bedding.

Our place to unwind and recharge should be fresh, clean, and serene. White bedding feels restful because it causes us no extra visual stimulation. Have you ever been to a luxury hotel that didn’t have white bedding? We can’t think of one. So treat yourself to white linens because you will like them for longer.

8. Gallery walls.

Gallery walls are always in fashion and are an easy way to fill a blank space. Most common are photo walls which are a perfect way to add your own personal stamp to your home. Keep it classy with frames in similar colors and textures.