Tropical plants – 10 exotics that grow happily indoors

1. Swiss Cheese Plant Or Monstera

‘Monstera, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, are brilliant tropical houseplants with lush green and distinctive leaves,’ says Scott Perkins, Houseplant Buyer at Hillier Nurseries. ‘Originating from a natural jungle habitat, Monstera are luscious in form and are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their artistic appearance. As the Monstera matures, its leaves will split and develop holes, creating a graphic look suitable for any home.’

2. The Ric-Rac Plant Or Zanzibar Gem

With its dark glossy slender leaves with distinct wavy edges, the ZZ plant or ric-rac plant is an indoor tropical must, and one of the best low maintenance indoor plants. Not only does it make a real impact placed on its own, but it really stands out in a leafy crowd, adding texture, interest and character.

3. Orchids

You can never get tired of the exotic charm of orchids. Elegant and intricate without being showy, there are so many different types to choose from.

4. Strelitzia Or Bird Of Paradise Plant

Strelitzia simply can’t be beaten for its tropical looks. Tall and stately with large, ribbed paddle leaves, and if you are lucky those bright and unusual flowers, it epitomizes lush, steamy climes. A South African native, it loves a warm, humid climate with plenty of bright but not direct light.

5. Amaryllis

A tropical plant with a difference, this flowering bulb with its giant trumpet blooms oozes exotic and tropical vibes. Often regarded as just for Christmas, amaryllis are hugely satisfying to grow and flower indoors through winter through to early spring.

6. Philodendron

With its mass of large, heart shaped leaves this tropical beauty is a must for an indoor jungle. Choose from upright and climbing varieties and pop them in a bright light position but a bit of shade won’t do any harm.

7. Pothos Or Devil’s Ivy

Pothos plant care is easy, and with vines that grow up to 10 feet long indoors, these large leaved climbers (or trailers depending on your preference) are prolific and almost thrive on neglect. With a huge range of different colored foliage to choose from – neon green, silver blue green or leaves with yellow cream specks – you can add real impact to practically any room in the house.

8. Majesty Palm

Reaching up to 10 feet high, you can’t beat this elegant palm for instant tropical charm. Thriving in bright but indirect light, this beautiful palm will cast striking shadows on walls and floors and works well solo or as part of a leafy group. Slow growing with large arcing fronds, buy large and this palm will add drama and impact to any room.

9.  Alocasia Zebrina

With striking dark green arrow-shaped leaves and a fascinating black and white stem, this standout tropical plant is undeniably eye-catching. Originating from the rainforests of southeast Asia, they were prized for their nutritious, starchy rhizomes but found popularity as a house plant in the 1950s in homes. Reaching a height of (50-100cm) over 2 to 5 years, it’s a great plant for making an impact but without taking up too much space.

10. Kentia Palm

A truly elegant palm that’s pretty undemanding, this graceful beauty will fill any room with tropical charm. They thrive in bright but indirect or dappled shade and are happy as long as the temperature doesn’t dip below 50℉ (10°C).

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