Trends 2023 in interior design

Unfortunately or fortunately, the design world does not stand still and cannot be fully predicted, so it is impossible to tell about all the trends. For this reason, we have selected several, in our opinion, the main trends that have already made themselves known this year or are just getting ready for it.

Primary colors Earth tones, which gained popularity during the pandemic years due to their calming effect and association with nature, remain the main trends in the design world.

Avant-garde or classic cage Designers are confident that cellular patterns will become a new trend in 2023. They can be used absolutely everywhere: in the texture of wallpapers and fabrics, wall and facade decoration, and other decorative elements.

Boucle fabric Recently, in general, there has been an increasing popularity of various fabrics and methods of draping surfaces. In this trend, bouclé fabric stands out - an extremely pleasant to the touch rough fabric of plain weave.

Neoclassicism and Hellenism in a modern interpretation After the dominance of minimalism, neoclassicism is set to return with its emphasis on highly detailed and symmetrical lines. This décor blends seamlessly with other eras and styles and emphasizes elegance and sophistication without being overly opulent.

Terrazzo The growing popularity of mosaic floors and terrazzo should also be attributed to the previous trend.

Totemic forms An extremely interesting trend in 2023 is totemic forms. These are various decorative products of a disproportionate, human-like and sometimes rough shape. In this style, various vases, figurines can be decorated, it can be present in the decoration of walls and facades, as well as when creating small architectural forms.

Monochrome color schemes This year's emerging trend is monochrome decor. Instead of contrasting colors, designers are increasingly choosing to work with monochrome schemes, while using layered textures and textiles in similar tones.

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