Trends 2023/2024: Ugly interior

Everyday perfection is not required. Researchers of trends emerging in social networks note that consumers are less and less eager for a life of show. In the past, social media served primarily as inspiration for home décor – yet it could set unrealistically high standards. Perfectly crafted home furnishings might be great, but for most people—and even for the content creators themselves—it wasn’t a reality. Against this backdrop, the new trend for the “unaesthetic house” seems very fresh. It pays tribute to all the imperfections that make our spaces unique.

For a long time, people have been striving to achieve unrealistic expectations from their ordinary and real family homes. However, in 2023 the pendulum has swung the other way. More and more people began to share videos with the #nonaesthetichome hashtag. This hashtag has already gained over 8 million views and continues to grow.

Many are focused on the idea of accepting a home that lacks all of the most advanced design improvements as the norm. The interiors may not be ready for a grand shoot, but they look lived-in and authentic. Often the commercials feature mismatched furniture, tenant-friendly white or beige walls, and not-so-fashionable elements like patterned tiles or carpeting.

The “unaesthetic home” trend is reminiscent of another trend called “cluttercore”, which is replacing minimalism with colorful, juicy maximalism. “We remind you: it’s normal to have a non-ideal, non-aesthetic residential building,” the bloggers write. Instead, they show the everyday comforts of their home, from a small kitchen where the whole family prepares homemade meals to a cozy living room where many family moments happen, “because the people in the house are the home.”

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