Old house decorating ideas – 8 ways to infuse your interiors with character and charm

1. Choose Bold Paint Colors

Considering paint ideas? Be bold, says Jen. 'There are many historic paint color palettes. Most are bold and bright. If your home is not historic, I would stay away from bold color. Keep the paint colors muted and serene. 'Bold colors work on old architecture but if your house doesn’t have many architectural elements keep it soft and let the paint highlight the space rather than consume it.'

2. Lay Lighter Wood Floors

For flooring ideas, Jen recommends lighter colors. 'There are so many trends and directions for flooring. If you wish to keep it looking like an older house I would keep the floors on a lighter shade. They are classic and will test the passing of time. In 10 years they will still look good. We don’t want date your house with flooring trends,' she says

3. Reinstate Moulding

Has the old house you've bought be stripped back to the bare bones? Consider reinstating them for an authentic look, says Jen. 'Older homes use moulding to frame ceilings (crown), windows (casing) and moulding at the floors (base) and doors (casing). The modern look of today eliminates the need for it. The moulding is a layer to an older home you can’t go without as it adds the craftsman layer to a room that shows details of the past.'

4. Create Smaller Room Sizes And Not Open Room Plans

While open plan kitchen ideas that incorporate a living space and dining area, too, are very popular in modern homes, Jen suggests rethinking this approach for older homes, or considering broken plan living rooms.

5. Consider The Style Of Cabinet And Door Hardware

'There are so many options when it comes to cabinet and door hardware now. To choose an aesthetic that flows through your home is key. Choose one look and let it flow from there.

6. The Use Of Window Treatments

Considering living room drape ideas? Think: traditional. 'The window treatments of today have become much more shade driven than that of an older home which were drapery driven,' says Jen. 'In an older home panel draperies are what was used. They were required to provide warmth in the winter and keep things cooler in the summer. By adding drapery the room feels more intimate and smaller as an older home would be. The use of shades is a much more modern day choice.'

7. Add An Antique Or A Vintage Piece Of Furniture

Decorating with antiques is a must for adding character and narrative to an interior, says Jen. 'There is nothing like finding a vintage piece of furniture that can be put to a new use. The look of an older piece of furniture into a newer home automatically brings the age and story of the piece into the modern home.

8. Choose Antique Or Vintage Lighting Over New

'In my interior design practice, I often introduce an antique light fixture. I find lighting at flea markets, Etsy, garage sales and vintage shops across the country. I enjoy the hunt.

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