Top gardening trends for 2023 announced

In early autumn 2022, the well-known media holding Garden Media published a report on garden trends in 2023. We have carefully studied it, supplemented it with our observations and are ready to share some thoughts on how private gardening will develop in 2023.

What is characteristic of gardening in 2023 Private owners will make changes in the gardening industry, preferring a lighter and more technological way of country life. It will be replaced by innovative technologies, smart devices, mobile applications and cordless tools.

Top gardening trends in 2023 1 More innovation The green industry in the private sector has moved to battery-powered tools more than any other industry, and the demand for related lawn mowers, blowers and other equipment is on the rise. This will remain an important trend, especially as technology-raised youth accustomed to getting everything at the push of a button start gardening.

2 Cottage for summer rent As inflation, interest rates and destocking in nurseries affect the volatile market, a younger generation of gardeners has found themselves at the epicenter of the crisis.

3 Gardening for the elderly The older generation, in addition to their harmful nature, is distinguished by productivity and a craving for a country lifestyle, especially gardening.

4 Naturalistic gardens Natural style gardens are experiencing a renaissance. They emphasize the romantic beauty of local trees and shrubs, ponds, meadow herbs. Designers suggest using more wild plants for recreation areas, with an emphasis on using hardy species.

5 Drought-tolerant gardens In European gardens, solutions to reduce watering are leading: the selection of drought-resistant plants, the mandatory mulching of plantings, the use of drip irrigation. Gravel gardens remain popular, to which gardeners can add vibrant color with container plants.

6 Attention to hardiness zones The world is getting hotter, and as a result, the zones and factors of winter hardiness  of plants are changing. In this regard, be very careful when buying untested new European varieties recommended for zone 5 (perhaps it is now practically zone 6).

7 Color of the Year for Horticulture We do not have the opportunity to verify this point, since the editors do not have familiar color psychologists and connections with Pantone (in their opinion, Magenta color will lead in 2023), the trendsetter in color predictions. But Garden Media shared that the Garden Trends Report's 2023 color of the year is terracotta.

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