1. Fateeva Design: a small apartment for a student Kyiv studio Fateeva Design and designer Elena Fateeva turned 17.3 sq. meters into a comfortable student apartment, where it is convenient to relax and study. All the main functions are located in a small area – there is a small kitchen, an office, a bedroom, a bathroom, and an entrance area with a dressing room.

2. KY Apartment Design: Greybox Interior Project: KY Apartment Area: 152 m.2  Location: Kyiv/Ukraine  Year: 2018

3. Light Apartment The author’s goal in this project was to create an easy-to-perceive and wonderful interior with its simplicity.

4. Dubivka Dubivka is a minimalist house located on the outskirts of Lviv, Ukraine, designed by armz studio.

5. Grace of Light Project: Grace of Light Author: Bellas Artes Location: Valencia, Spain Type: Apartment Year: 2020

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