1. The Sunne Light

The Sunne light is an extraordinary self-powered solar light that harvests sunlight during the day to light up your home once the night falls. Created by Dutch lighting brand Sunne in partnership with designer Marjan van Aubel, the sunlight-mimicking lamp collects solar energy and then proceeds to power itself using the same energy.

2. The Ichi Portable Lamp

In a world overwhelmed by glaring screens and harsh lighting, the minimalist Ichi portable table lamp emerges as a beacon of tranquility, ready to grace any space with a touch of elegance. Taking a cue from nature, it’s a mushroom-inspired marvel that promises to transform your surroundings with its soft, warm glow.

3. The Noctiluca Light

The Noctiluca Light is a brilliant arrangement of textured glass discs in the shape of a circle. Created by Australian brand Ross Gardam, the statement suspended lamp is made up of “an endless undulating spiral” of 32 of the brand’s own Ceto lights.

4. The Nebula Desk Lamp

The Nebula Desk Lamp was designed by COG Design Studio in partnership with the lighting brand Bonakia by building a basic yet defined form of lighting via repetition, transformation, and an innovative combination of distinctive geometric shapes.

5. Echo Desk Lamp

Designed by Simon Busse for the German brand Caussa, the Echo desk lamp draws inspiration from the shape of a tuning fork, and features a rounded LED light source that rotates at 360-degree angles to produce a whole range of lighting options.

6. The Carousel Series

Created by Pablo Designs, the Carousel series is the perfect culmination of ambiance, aesthetics, and utility. It includes two designs – a table lamp, and a floor lamp.

7. Stella

Created to be a part of the 2023 New Collection lighting products by COG Design Studio x Bonakia, Stella is an ethereal-looking lighting design created through a mix of repetition, transformation, and geometric shapes.

8. The Vestige Lamp

The Vestige lamp is heavily inspired by Brutalist design, and this is truly reflected in the blocky geometric shapes that make up the lamp. The various shapes were crafted from cast crystal glass.

9. Bonsai Desk Lamp

Dubbed the Bonsai Desk Lamp, this interesting-looking lamp is quite similar to a bonsai tree in aspect of its shape. Of course, it isn’t a total replacement for the real plant, but it can be considered a fun and innovative alternative when you’re not ready to look after the real deal.

10. Lightbone Floor Lamp

The Lightbone Floor Lamp isn’t the kind of lighting fixture you come across every day. It was inspired by a bamboo forest on a trip to Japan, and it features a unique focal point – the connection point between the spherical glass globes and the wooden sections, which also gave birth to the name of the lamp.

11. Air-Shape Lamp

The Air-Shape Lamp is a conceptual lamp design that mimics the soap bubbles we take. The soap bubble is surrounded by a ring of light, and the entire body adds a multi-hued radiance to the room!

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