The customer wanted to equip a small one-room apartment with many functional areas and was not ready to compromise. We tell you what solution the designers found for the problem

Briefly Despite the very modest area of this apartment in a new building, the designers made it as comfortable as possible. The kitchen was moved to a niche, a separate room was built for the bedroom, and the rest of the living space was given over to the living room and home office. Do you think they sacrificed storage systems for this? No, there are more than enough of them.

Details The customer, a young girl, bought a very small apartment with an open plan. Designers from the Tor-Ard studio helped turn it into a cozy and comfortable home. They were not afraid of the task: to place a kitchen, a full-fledged bedroom, a living room, and a workplace on the 31 m2 (333.6 square foot). On the contrary, they took up the task with enthusiasm.

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