Timeless Triumphs Trendy—Here's Why Designers Are "Anti-Trend" in 2024

Trends Don't Last

As its definition states, trends aren't here to stay. Pattie Kelly, certified interior decorator and the face behind Inspired Home Interiors, notes that the lifespan of a trend is a few years max.

Trends Don't Feel Personal—Individuality Does

Styling a home should reflect your personality and what you like. That's why Ladina Schöpf, founder and MSc ETH architect says she's a strong believer in timeless over trendy. Aside from looking stale in a short period of time, trends don't share much about you.

Well-Curated Spaces Get Better With Time

Interior designer Eric Goranson believes it's great to add a flashy new color or edgy decor item, but he recommends mixing it in with timeless design elements. "Trends are cool, but you have to play the balancing act," he says. "This ensures you won't have a final look that will fizzle out after a few years."

Trends Can Be Expensive

Trendy equals spendy. Constantly buying new decorative objects, throw pillows, furniture, and paint adds up fast. If you do want to copy a viral trend or color of the year, Kelly suggests finding ways of doing so that are relatively low-cost and easy to change.

For instance, she notes that paint is much simpler to redo after a few years over new tiles or a couch. Kelly also suggests to consider purchasing a dish set or bathroom countertop tray in the pattern you love, instead of committing to it on your walls.

Anti-Trends Are More Sustainable

Green design and sustainability are often posited as trends, when really, they're movements and concepts that should be considered year-round, every year. The environmental impact of constantly purchasing more decor can take a toll.

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