This open shelving trend is dividing designers – will it stay in fashion in 2022?


Whether it is open shelving in the kitchen styled with glass storage jars or a color-coded recipe bookshelf, open shelving seems to be everywhere at the moment. However, while it might look great, interior designer Dan Wiener, who is an expert in storage, warns that the units don’t always work in reality. ‘Your dishes are exposed, letting them get greasy and dusty. You’ll constantly be cleaning everything on the shelves,’ he explains. He also warns that while this modern kitchen idea is good-looking, you may lose storage capacity after making the change. ‘[This will take away] from the overall aesthetic of your kitchen,’ he says.


Despite Dan’s reservations against the popular storage system, Bo Hellberg, the CMO at String Furniture, argues that open shelving isn't going anywhere. According to Bo, the interior design trend goes hand-in-hand with the feature wall trend – which has brought the trend firmly into 2024. ‘At the moment, we are noticing a trend for large-scale statement feature walls,’ Bo says. He suggests that open shelves allow you to recreate this trend with a functional twist. ‘When designing our homes, we often forget the effectiveness of simply merging storage with the interior design scheme, and the flexibility of String’s design allows us to merge function with decoration,’ he says.

Peter Erlandsson, the Co-Owner, and Director of String, adds that an open shelves ability to showcase your personality will allow the trend to endure. ‘We celebrate individual journeys and believe we should all take pride in the objects we have collected throughout our lives,’ he explains. ‘Whether it’s a collection of specific objects like crockery or crystal ware, or just sentimental bits and pieces, give your clutter a new lease of life,’ Peter adds. While the trend might not be the easiest to keep tidy, this Scandinavian kitchen design is one of the best ways to personalize your home. It might not alway be practical, but we have a feeling we’ve not seen the end of beautifully curated kitchen shelves.

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