‘They’re a disaster!’ – 3 bathroom organizers that professionals urge you not to buy

Bathrooms are tricky spaces to design. The space limitation is the biggest factor, and then you have to consider how many people are using it. Whether you have your own bathroom or are sharing it with someone, there's always an accumulation of products that clutter the space. From shampoo and shower gel bottles to creams and towels, it always just seems to be too much stuff. The natural response is to go on an internet shopping frenzy and buy all kinds of bathroom organizers that promise to keep the space tidy and clutter-free, bringing you one step closer to achieving that perfectly organized modern bathroom. While some organizers have their purpose in terms of functionality - such as beautiful matching baskets for your toiletries or glass jars for your cotton pads - there are a lot of gimmicky products that just don’t help at all. Having bought one too many such organizers myself and been disappointed by a lot of them, I asked expert organizers which ones they think are more hassle than they’re worth. Here are three to steer clear of that experts agree aren't worth the hype.


When it comes to how to organize a bathroom,  no-nail shower caddies seem like an obvious choice for renters or those adverse to DIY. There's no risk of damage to your walls, and no need for scary power tools for installation. The problem, however, is that many of these cheap alternatives aren't built to last.


While you might be tempted to invest in all sorts of storage containers to fit all your stuff and hide it away, they'll actually be detrimental to the look and feel of your bathroom. ‘Large storage containers and oversized furniture are two things I would avoid to not take up too much space in your bathroom,' says Danielle Dorn, Creative Director at mDesign. 'Items that have little practical use can also take up valuable space so be mindful of the items you purchase and consider whether they really serve a functional purpose or not.'


Thinking I found the holy grail of bathroom storage organizers, I recently bought an over-the-toilet storage cupboard. While the idea of a cabinet on tall legs that you slot over your toilet seems a genius idea, my experience was not the best. I found that it only really works if you have very few items in it (usually they’re very shallow and can’t actually store that much).


Home organizing expert and minimalist Shira Gill is quick to point out that not all organizers actually help us to organize at all. ‘The biggest mistake is running out to buy organizing products thinking that they can organize you,’ she says. ‘I think we’re sold this myth that if you go out and buy the latest gadget or organizing trinket you’ll suddenly be organized.'

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