17 Covered Porch Ideas We Love for Style All Year Round

Woven Pergola

Transform an open back patio deck by installing a pergola. Pergolas come in varying materials and styles to suit a range of exteriors. Kendall Wilkinson Design chose a modern black pergola that shades the seating area outside of this spacious primary bedroom. The woven design filters direct sunlight and throws intriguing shadows on the green lawn when the sun is shining.

Traditional Covered Porch

Hang a porch swing from the ceiling of a traditional covered porch to create a homey feel. Crisp Architects paired a porch swing with a second seating area on the open back porch that looks out over the backyard.

Covered Porch Gazebo

Transform your open backyard deck into a covered porch by installing a large gazebo on top of existing decking. Craftberry Bush renovated this outdoor space to create an outdoor living room and entertaining space that is decorated with furniture, rugs, plants, curtains, and accessories for a comfortable and cozy indoor-outdoor feel.

Covered Porch Curtains

Create a covered porch with a natural material like bamboo reed panels for an affordable and sustainable option. This covered back dining patio from Fantastic Frank is finished with billowy white curtains around the periphery to protect the space from harsh sun or rain.

Extra-Long Pergola

Install an extra-long pergola on the backside of your home to create the feel of a covered porch. Laquita Tate Interior Styling & Designs chose a dark wood stain to add contrast with the brick siding. Adjacent dining and living spaces are anchored with airy woven pendant lights that add visual interest during the day and ambient light in the evenings.

Fixed Awning

Use a fixed awning that is attached to the house and secured in place with posts to create a covered back porch for a DIY option that is less expensive than a permanent structure. A Beautiful Mess decorated the underside of the awning with a multitude of LED string lights for a starry night feel.

Covered Porch Styling

Don't forget to add lighting to your covered porch so that it's usable day or night. Give the covered porch on an older home a modern feel with comfortable seating and oversized lighting, like this space from Leanne Ford Interiors.

Central Covered Porch

Modern homes often include multiple outdoor spaces that are a hybrid between traditional porches and patios. Kate Marker Interiors made a focal point of a covered central porch that is just a few steps up from the adjacent patio and backyard. The covered patio is equipped with space heaters in the ceiling to make it usable year-round.

Covered Farmhouse Porch

Decorate a wraparound covered porch attached to an older home to give it a vintage feel. Liz Marie Blog styled this all-white farmhouse porch with vintage furniture and decor objects for an authentic feel that matches the architecture and style of the house.

Covered Porch Fireplace

Turn your covered back porch into an outdoor family room with an outdoor fireplace, TV, and plenty of seating. Chango & Co. added built-in firewood storage directly beneath the fireplace for chilly nights, and a ceiling fan to keep things cool on hot summer afternoons.

Rustic Covered Porch

Mix materials such as stone and reclaimed wood to give your covered porch a modern rustic feel. Marie Flanigan Interiors turned the roof of this covered porch into a feature with exposed beams that contrast with the stone floor and wall coverings. Comfortable modern furniture in neutral tones makes the space feel inviting.

Covered Upstairs Porch

Create a two-story covered porch on the back of a spacious home to provide double the outdoor entertaining space. This upper level covered terrace from Emily Henderson Design houses an outdoor TV and seating area, while a dining area is located on an adjacent open porch. Below there is another covered porch to create a second outdoor living room.

Covered Porch Kitchen

Create space for an outdoor kitchen with a covered porch or patio. Crisp Architects built this outdoor space beneath a bedroom. Can lights are embedded into the roof to provide adequate lighting, while a dining table and chairs provides space-saving seating.

Ground Level Covered Porch

The large covered porch below is set up like an outdoor living room with a pair of sofas. Emily Henderson Design chose decorative patterned tile flooring that carries from the covered porch to the open patio a few steps down for a cohesive feel.

Covered Porch Wood Canopy

Create a defined zone in an open backyard that will read like a covered porch with a wooden roof canopy held up by slim poles. Blanco Bungalow decorated this boho-style space with furniture and decor in neutral colors that harmonize with other outdoor areas and painted the wood structure white to blend in with the home's exterior.

Covered Porch Arbor

A large plant-covered arbor can provide shade for a porch on an older home for a timeless look. This outdoor space from Leanne Ford Interiors has a painted white arbor covered in trailing vines and plants for a soft and natural feel.

Tarp-Covered Porch

If you are looking to shade your back patio without renovating or building any kind of structure, consider installing a large tarp or DIY canopy that will protect it from the elements, like this spacious outdoor kitchen and dining area from Fantastic Frank. The tarp can be pulled back and put away in the off-season if desired.

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