These Are The Most Popular 2023 Interior Design Styles, According to Pinterest

There’s nothing like firing up Pinterest and searching for your next source of home decor inspiration. In fact, the app is so full of homey vision boards that it’s also a great way to measure which design styles are in vogue. But what are the most popular trends for 2023?

Coming first on the list is Scandinavian interior design, with over 700,000 pins. A minimalist style, “Scandi” decor is marked by clean lines, neutrals with the occasional pop of color, and soft textures like linen and wood.

Second place goes to Art Deco, with over 568,000 pins. First popularized in the 19th century, this glitzy style is full of luxe textures such as velvet, pops of metallics, exotic animal prints, and geometric patterns.

Traditional interior design is also here to stay, coming in third place with more than 539,000 pins. Elegant and timeless, this style favors classic furniture pieces, warm and neutral colors, and vintage pieces. Trailing closely behind are the Modern Farmhouse (509,234 pins) and Mid-Century Modern (404,299 pins) styles in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

The most-Googled style is English Countryside, which was the most popular in eight states. As its name suggests, this design style takes inspiration from the cottages and farmhouses of the English countryside, often incorporating exposed wood, plastered walls, and stone fireplaces.

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